What Photographer Should Do Before Taking Pictures

Image meaning in photography is what the photographer should think before release the button to capture the picture. To shoot a good picture composition, photographer has to try to find the best different place to arrange the object, foreground and background. When the photographer could see “photo meaning”, it is time to shoot.

Leading line-image meaning
Leading line-image meaning

That is why most people said, “one photo contains hundreds of meanings,” and many photographers will have many intentions differently in the photos.

Meaning of picture is a core vital in photography. We want our images to look professional and it can be accepted by most people to say not only they see our photos are nice, but also they can understand the meaning inside the photo that we intend to show.

Photography Composition Rules for Taking Good Pictures

To take good photo, we need to understand photography composition rules. Photography is art. Art can make people happy, sad, think and act. Below is telling us all of those elements in “photography composition rules” and it is very helpful for beginner photographer like us to be aware in advance before pressing our camera capture button.

It is depend on the environment and geography. “Photographer is like a mosquito”. A mosquito has to move around a human body to find a place where it can land and bit for blood. Photographer should have sharp eyes to see the object that contains enough meaning inside the picture, so the photographer has to move around the object that we want to produce good picture in a better picture composition.

All above-mentioned are called “picture composition rules for taking good pictures”. Even it will not cover all the definitions; at least it could give us some thoughts for the beginner photographer like us. Keep reading more and try searching more on Google for more resources.

I hope this article will at least give some ideas to beginner photographers and I will try the best I can to share what I know. Feel free to share and ask in the comments section for improving our photography together.

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The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do— Andy Warhol

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