7 Tips For Deconstructing Photo Story

Simply no picture story is ever the same, even if the objects are identical. If three photographers move toward the same object, then you will get about three different ‘looks’. None of the stories or images would be wrong, it is just that every digital photographer sees things in a different way, has different approaches to photography and individual styles.

One photographer might just include pictures of folks whilst another may pay attention to abstract details without the people in the images at all. They will both use some of the 7 techniques of photo story to ‘tell the story’ albeit in their own personalized way.

Traditional Picture Story

What we are about to learn is how to construct the ‘traditional picture story’. The vast majority of photographers who work in the reportage, documentary or press field of photography will have started with this style and many still utilize it nowadays. It is the perfect way to learn why some pictures ‘work’ and why some stories seem to be clearer than others.

Presently, there are 6 or several individual types of developing picture story that should be both visually strong and useful in their own right but merged make a flowing dynamic narrative. Outlined below are these individual pictures:

  1. Person at Work
  2. Relationship Shot
  3. Establishing Shot
  4. Detail shot
  5. Environmental Portrait
  6. Formal Portrait
  7. Observed Portrait

Photo stories are generally make up of between 3 and 15 pictures with respect to the depth of the storyline but they will include most if not all of the person pictures stated earlier. By looking at each of the picture elements individually we can discuss how they are best achieved.

I hope this article will equip some photography skills for beginner photographers. Keep practicing is the best way and any comments please drop me some lines.

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Photography is the story I fail to put into words–Destin Sparks

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