2 Best Tips of Photo Frames in Photography

Photo Frames is so powerful in photography. Earlier articles you already read one of the techniques in taking good pictures that is called “leading lines photography or lines photography”. It is not enough yet to have just one technique for professional photographers to enjoy their day out with their cameras (Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus and so on). Two tips below will help photographer to understand more (Man-made Photo Frames and Nature Photo Frames).

Framing picture 1
Framing picture 1

Definition of Photo Frames in Photography

Be remembered, every single rule of photo composition in photography are to draw the eyes into a photograph and photo frames is one of those rules. Every element of a scene that could be created framing such as shooting through a doorway pulled back curtains, tunnels, branches, fences, or arches to highlight your object and so on.

Before we go deeper, beginner photographer should notice that there are two terms of picture frames in photography, “Man-made photo frames” and “nature photo frames”.

Man-made Photo Frames

“Man-made photo frames” is like you bring your selected photos to a shop and ask people to put your photo into a fitted frame and bring it back to hang on a wall at your home or at your office for displaying. The man-made photo frames will draw attention to people. With this said, nature photo framing is a bit different in photography; the photo attracts the viewer naturally.

Framing picture
Framing picture 2

Nature Photo Frames

“Nature photo frames” is everything that photographer can see and make a photo frame to the object. It can be a doorway, an archway, the branches of a tree, the mouth of a cave, building, or even people, for example, can create a frame within the picture area.

So when we are talking about framing rules in photography, it means the photographers are looking for “nature photo frames” to frame the object that photographers want to shoot.

Framing picture 2
Framing picture 3

Meaning of Framing in Photography

Nature around us in the world is full of objects that photographer can make many perfect nature frames to name few such as trees, branches of tree, among buildings, doors, windows, doorway, archway, and so on. By placing the object that the photographers want to capture surrounded by natural framing, it can be anything from nature.  It doesn’t need to be completed all four sides. It can be two or three sides also can be a good frame.

Framing picture 3
Framing picture 4

Benefits of Framing in Photography

Framing in photography is not only can help humans’ eyes to look easy and quickly into the image, but also it directs the viewer’s attention to doubtful uninvited foregrounds and/or backgrounds. The artificial of depth can grab the viewer’s attention to the focus one in the picture by the effective use of framing (see tip).

  1. Exciting viewers: It makes you feel little wondering and imagining what is in the frame or behind the frame, so viewers will pay attention to the framed photo because sometimes what we cannot see it clearly in an image will draw our attention to feel more.
  2. Depth and Layers: Give the photo context and add extra dimension to the framed photo by putting something in the foreground or background.
  3. Make Your Eyes Easy: The framing will lead your eyes towards the main point of the photo through your frame and it can keep your eyes to look longer between the surrounded framing and object.
Framing picture 4
Framing picture 5

Photographer Should Know of Taking Photo Frames

Framing can place both at the foreground and background of the photographs. When photographers could see an attractive natural scene that can be framed, you should consider whether you want the frame or object or both to be focused or not. Deciding to focus or blur, it has other meaning besides drawing an attention to the object or both can be in focus. (I don’t want to confuse you in here, so I will write another article talking about photo ethic by using blurriness.) Blurring will really add a sense of mood and depth to the pictures. How can we do this? We can play around with aperture (f.) in our camera. Next article I will explain how to use aperture. Larger aperture, smaller number of (f.) will result more in blurring, while smaller aperture (f.), bigger number of (f.) will add less blurring to object.

Summary of Photo Frames

  • Drawing our eyes to the main object of interest naturally
  • Directing the viewer’s attention to the focus object of a picture
  • Object in the frame is more important that the frame itself
  • Object should be focused and blurred the frame
  • Frame doesn’t need to be completed all four sides. It can be two or three sides also can be a good frame.
  • Tricking to isolate object from the rest of the picture, drawing the viewer’s eyes straight to the point that the photographers want it to go
  • A technique to draw an attention to the object of the image by blocking other parts of the picture with something in the natural scene.

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Life is like a camera. Just focus on what’s important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, just take another shot–Unknown

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