How to Use Picture Composition in Photography

Picture composition is very important and let’s put it as simple meaning as possible, photographers are arranging elements in a way that suits, good looking in the picture of the core idea or goal of the way that work best.

We have friends, family members and other people who will ask us to take their pictures or for our work place. They will depend on us and judge on our photography skill. We will be a hero at the moment, when we understand well on the rules of photography. In this article, this is just the first step to equip us some basic skills on how to take good picture. Next articles will bring to you step by step to the top photographer.

Angkor Wat temple, Cambodia
Angkor Wat temple, Cambodia

In this picture, beginner photographer should pay attend on the balance of subject such as temple, palm trees, water and the Skype. Make sure the picture is well organised by giving balance spaces in between. For example, the top of the temple is reflecting well into the water with seeing the blue Skype as well.

Definition of Composition in Taking Good Pictures

Before we go to the definition of composition in taking good pictures, photographer should know some basic things that can help improving beginner photographers.  Definition alone cannot help photographer to take good photos unless you keep practicing. “The more you practice, the more you become master on your pictures.”

When we understand the nature of the definition of composition in taking good images that most people refer to, it will help photographer not only to remember the meaning but also can understand deeply. So we need to put its definition of composition inside our head and apply it every time we want to take good photos.

Sure, there are many meanings of photo composition and the three most common used in taking best pictures that professional photographers have ever practiced such as leading line or line photography, photo frames, and rule of thirds. All photographers around the world are enjoying with these three rules. While others techniques such as pattern, texture and so on, all are also very good techniques. The photographers can break the rules into their own rules but before to do so the first rule for the beginner photography, we have to know these three said rules.

Analogy of Definition of Composition in Taking Good Pictures

Simply, we want to look handsome, we choose to dress carefully. We go to the shops where we want to buy clothes that fit us. In the shop in front of a mirror, we try to choose and change the clothes many times before we decided to buy one.

Finally, “picture composition” is the way that the photographer tries to change and choose a perfect scene in the photo frame of the camera and decide to capture the image that we want.

I hope this article will at least give some ideas to those who want to understand about the best time in photographing. I like taking picture and I will try the best I can to share what I know. Feel free to share and ask in the comments section for improving our photography together.

I hope this article will give some ideas to beginner photographers to understand about the picture composition in photography skill and keep reading more. Any comments, feel free to drop me some lines, i will try my best to answer. I live taking picture.

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Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera–Yousuf Karsh

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