How to Use Camera Modes Auto or Manual for Taking Beautiful Picture in Photography

When I first started to take a photograph, many questions came up to my head.  I asked myself which one of camera modes should I use? because I see many options such as Auto Depth-of-field (A), Manual exposure (M), Aperture-priority (Av), Shutter-priority (Tv), Program (P), Auto mode, Portrait, Macros, Landscape, Sport, Night Portrait, and Flash off.


Suddenly, among these camera modes I see a blue color appears on Automatic mode and I think it maybe the best mode and I use it for shooting of my first photograph. You can see my first photograph below. It looks just like that and there are many things I need to improve on my photography skill because I love taking pictures.

All the camera modes serve to difference purposes and the question is which one you prefer to use it the most in taking picture. When you buy a new camera, there is a book which will guide you to use the camera, especially at camera modes session or you can google it. Through reading the book, I have tried to use every mode all day since the morning until night.

After testing one by one with difference times, I found the answer. Manual exposure (M) is my best mode for shooting photograph. I use M because I can control both Shutter Speed (1/Number and Aperture (f.). Coming to this point, I wonder that what is Shutter Speed and Aperture? How can I know it works best?

Don’t make ourselves complicate, photography is fun. The answers are easy by reading the following article such as ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed, you will get all. Now, allowing me to simplify what I can do with Mode Manual (M).

Using Camera Mode M (Manual)

I can control both shutter speed and aperture to find the best result on my photo. However, if you choose the wrong combination between aperture and shutter speed, it would result in photographs that are too bright (overexposed) or too dark (underexposed).

But, don’t worry. When you take picture, you will put one of your eyes in the camera view finder. In the view finder you will see a long line in blue which you can see many dote lines where you set the right Shutter Speed and Aperture. The right one is set to zero (0), middle of the line. This means not too bright (overexposed) or too dark (underexposed).

However, if you take the picture at a darker place, you can increase number to plus (+) and use it in opposite way (-) when you capture the photo in a brighter place. You should try to keep your shutter speed number to bigger value as much as the camera can to avoid blurring picture. For beginner photographer, you should try to use the shutter speed not below 1/60 (average camera speed). This means the higher number of the shutter speed the quicker length of the camera can capture the image. Again, don’t make yourself complicate, I will write to explain about Shutter Speed in the next article together with Aperture (f.).

One more thing is the International Standards Organization (ISO). It also plays an important role in choosing the right image as well. Wait to read next article about ISO. In short, if you love taking photograph like me. The more you try, the more you master it.

Camera Modes Comparing

Mode Shutter Speed Aperture
P (programmed auto) Selected by camera Selected by camera
S (shutter-priority auto) Selected by photographer Selected by camera
A (aperture-priority auto) Selected by camera Selected by photographer
M (manual) Selected by photographer Selected by photographer

When learn to explore shooting modes. I find the modes have categorized into three: Auto, Scene and P, S, A and M. At Auto and Scene modes, the camera will set automatically of the shutter speed and aperture. While, P, S, A, and M modes are identified as exposure modes and provide me choices as to which elements of exposure—aperture or shutter speed—I wish to adjust.


All in all, using the Auto mode, the camera will run automatically, the camera will decide instead of yours and it will be hard for the camera to produce good image in a critical situation like place where it is too bright or too dark. While, Manual mode (M), I can control both shutter speed and aperture to find the best result on my photo, so I use M.

Picture Comparisons between Manual Mode and Auto Mode

Picture with Manual (we can adjust ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed...)
Picture with Manual (we can adjust ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed…)
Picture with Auto (everything is decided by the Camera)
Picture with Auto (everything is decided by the Camera)

If you know how to adjust the camera functions, i recommend you to use M mode. It doesn’t mean Auto mode is not good, but you own the picture, you can adjust the picture of the way you want. if you take the pictures at a critical time, for instant, you take the pictures at low-light or darker place like indoor photo or at night, M mode is worked best, while Auto mode is worked best as well at the right light (day time). M mode, photographer can adjust (ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed …) at any time and any place.

I hope this article will give readers some ideas and only keep practicing will bring you to the top in taking beautiful pictures. Any comments and constructive feedback, please feel free to drop in comments for improving photography skill together.

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