How to Use Aperture (f.) in Photography

I always take care about aperture when I took pictures. It is one among three vital pillars of photography. The three pillars are Aperture (f.), ISO and Shutter Speech. When these three pillars work together on the right way, it will produce beautiful pictures and I can set them manually.

In this article I am describing about Aperture and my next article will say more about ISO and Shutter Speed. Why aperture is so important? I will use my real experience to simplify the usefulness of aperture. I have read a lot of articles about “aperture” and it explained in a very technical term that takes me sometimes to understand about it.  In this article, I will try to make it easier for beginner photographers to understand.

Role of Aperture (f.)   

Aperture is written in abbreviation (f.).  They are built in our camera machines. The role of the aperture is to add dimension to a photo by focusing and blurring the objects that I want to see on my pictures. I can focus foreground and blur background, or I can focus background and blur foreground or focus something in between foreground and background. Also I can bring everything in focus on my photo. These works also call depth of field.


In short, aperture is about blurring and focusing stuff in taking picture where the photographer can decide on it.

Experiments on Aperture (f.)—How It Works

In photography, aperture is written for example f/1.4, f/2.0…these (f-numbers=f-stop) are a way to explain the size of the aperture. Remember that a smaller f-stop means a larger aperture and in opposite way the larger f-stop results in a smaller aperture. In general, a larger numbers illustrate larger values, except in this case. Most people will find it confuse, so remember this. See example here, f/1.4 is larger than f/2.0 and much larger than f/5.0.

f/1.4, f/5.0..etc. what do these mean?
How can I explain, okay let me try in a simple way as these in 5 steps

Scenario 1: Shooting a picture with f/4

Step 1: Take out your camera and find where you can set f-stop in your camera.
Step 2: Set f-stop to the base number that your camera’s lens can produce (the lowest number), for example, f/4.0 for Canon’s lens 24-105mm.
Step 3: Use your finger to move on focus ring on the lens (but don’t forget to turn camera mode to M and press another button on the lens to M as well).
Step 4: Use one of your eyes to look into the camera at the camera’s view finder and work on the focus ring and decide where you want to focus and where you want to blur in the picture.
Step 5: Shoot your first photo with f/4.0

Picture f.4
Picture f.4

Scenario 2: Shooting a picture with f/22

Try to shoot another photo by following step 1 to step 5 and you can compare how f-stop means.

Picture f/22
Picture f/22

Note: For easy comparing the pictures, this is very important to keep in mind before do these experiments! You need to shoot the same object at the same position, the same ISO and the same Shutter Speed. I am sorry some of you may aware of ISO and Shutter Speed and beginner photographers for those who are not yet know about these also don’t worry you will read them from my next articles soon.

You can see that between the two pictures above, it shows the ability of blurring differently. Background of picture with F/4 is blurring more than picture with F/22.

I hope this article will tell beginner photographers somethings and if you have any comments just drop me lines…

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Photography takes an instant out of time, alerting life by holding it still–Dorothea Lange

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